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Custom e-commerce site

Custom e-commerce

The visitors are greeted by an ultra modern and minimalist online shop. The site is easy to navigate, but it is the stunning design that catches the eye.


An integrated Tumblr blog supplies inspiration and epitomizes the Henné Organics brand. Everything oozes high-end luxury and every detail has been careful crafted to fit the brand's identity.

Admin CMS

The shopping cart is always accessible and adding or removing products is easy. The checkout process is smooth and seamless, all the while maintaining the site's unique feel and visual appeal.

Henné Organics Henné Organics is a luxury organic lip balm company. They wanted a modern, minimalist and outright beautiful website where visitors could buy their product with style. Stockholm Hardcode provided a unique e-commerce solution that makes the brand stand out. LEARN MORE...


Custom web application

Custom web application

A modern and clean landing page greets the users and bolsters their confidence in the product.


The application is full of features that make picking winners a breeze. There are two levels of memberships: a free basic membership and a "Gold Membership"; the latter opens up quite a bit of extra functionality for the users.

Admin CMS

A custom admin system was developed and it lets the administrators handle everything from stock tickers to mine data.

MSV Mining Stock Valuator is a custom built web application that is not only visually stunning but also a great tool for investors in gold and silver stocks. With interactive maps, real-time stock data, news flows and valuation metrics calculated on the fly, a lot of effort went into both back-end functionality as well as advanced front-end development. LEARN MORE...


Website - Service system - ERP integration


Bioteria's new website gives their clients access to information about all sides of their business and also clearly displays their exponential growth as a company. A lot of focus has been put into showcasing the company's "green core".

Service system

Their service system is as customized as it gets and has been designed and built completely from scratch. The whole organization executes and track its daily tasks such as facility services and installations, report filing, invoice handling and staff administration.


NetSuite integration provides Bioteria with tools to push data between the systems and perform tasks such as handling orders for clients while out in the field. This saves a tremendous amount of time and makes the bottom line a lot more profitable.

Bioteria is a fast growing Swedish company with a revolutionary idea - environmentally friendly waste management. The company was in need of a new website, a tailored service system, NetSuite customization plus state of the art integration between all three. They also needed assistance with transferring data from their old system to the new one. To sum it up, this was a massive project that we developed and delivered within six months of initial contact. LEARN MORE...


Custom application

Custom application

Even though the application is running on our web server, Swedish users have the option of downloading a version onto their smartphones or tablets via the App Store or Google Play.


There are a wide range of tools at the user's disposal. Training and donation settings can be tweaked, payments changed or paused, and users can invite and challenge friends. If a user does not meet the personally set goals or loses a challenge, a pre-chosen amount will automatically be donated to charity.


Total donations and the workout history are tracked by numbers and charts so users can follow their progress with ease.

MyRace MyRace is a custom built application that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle and donations to charity. Stockholm Hardcode worked closely together with the MyRace team to make sure the application looked and functioned exactly as they envisioned it. We also adapted to some substantial changes that were requested during the development process. LEARN MORE...


E-commerce - Custom admin system

Website front

The design highlights Swedish Stockings's simple but high end profile. One challenge was to avoid making the website look "too green" but at the same time promote their eco-consciousness. The website is simple to navigate, multilingual and gives user the option to choose between six currencies with real-time exchange rates.

Press page

Swedish Stockings' press section is a beautiful display of their features in the media. As a new player in a growing niche market, Swedish Stockings is gaining ground and can quite frequently be seen in newspapers and magazines.


An advanced part of the website is the subscription feature. It enables users to set up a completely personalized subscription plan with their own choices of products and shipping intervals. The option to run multiple subscriptions at once makes the possibilites endless.

Swedish Stockings is a sustainable Swedish start-up company with their own brand of eco-friendly pantyhose made of recycled yarn. Their website is both aesthetically pleasing and easy for customers to navigate and shop online. The site also has a custom made back-end system for product handling, showcasing retailers, and managing shipping and subscriptions. LEARN MORE...

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